What Did the Holidays Mean?

As we transition out of the Holiday season I want to pose a question. What did the holidays mean to you?

The holiday season came upon us this past year quickly for some and slow for others. This year the holiday felt more important than ever due to the pandemic we are in. People endured a lot of ups and downs in 2020, I know that has been the case for me and my family.

Even though we’ve passed the holidays I want to remind everyone this is still the time for giving and sharing the love. A lot of people are not working or have lost loved ones this past year. The best thing to give people during tough times is love and sympathy. God is still in control of the situations we face today.

We as the Lighthouse Guild for the Gifted still believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s ability to heal and make whole. He can do that for our bodies and our nation. The Covid 19 numbers are steadily getting worse each day and there is some uncertainty about the vaccine and the new strand of COVID. But one thing is for certain that Jesus is still Lord.

Even though Christmas and New Year's have passed, we should remember to extend a helping hand to families that are less fortunate and may not have the help or support they need. Many kids are frustrated and anxious; dealing with virtual instruction, the lack of friends, and more. Many parents are worried about the virus, frustrated with job loss, and trying to maintain consistent income to take care of their families.

Holidays shouldn't only be for a season. It is up to us - you and I- to come together and share the love and positive energy God provides, throughout his green earth.

Love and peace to all.


Antonio Protho (Tony) is originally from Gary Indiana. Tony moved to Houston, Texas with his wife and daughter in 2017. Tony has always had a heart for giving back to his community.

Tony’s ultimate goal is to give The Lighthouse Guild’s students the extra tools to succeed in and out of the classroom. Tony has a passion for education and most of all Jesus Christ.

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